Concept Practice Strength Workmanship
Innovation / R&D design concept

We adhere to independent innovation, break the conventional thinking, grasp the essence of the problem in the spirit of inquiry, understand the scientific law, focus on basic research and development, and study the mechanism, so as to improve product performance and realize profitable production in essence.

Innovative materials / battery design

The ternary and lithium manganate batteries produced by us have attracted the attention of lithium battery experts because of their non-toxic, pollution-free, high safety, long cycle life and stable charging and discharging platform.

Innovation / process test method

Look forward to the needs of customers and the market, design and design products, and the testing ability covers all aspects and multi-dimensional projects such as performance, reliability, electrical, software, mechanical environmental safety, etc; At the same time, the existing test methods are continuously optimized, and new test methods are developed according to the requirements.

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